What are Creative Canvas Classes?

Creative Canvas Classes are a time to hang out, relax, and paint with step-by-step instruction. The classes are taught in a way that even an individual with little to no painting experience can walk away with a masterpiece. Painters have the option of doing their own thing or choosing from one of a few different options and adding their own personal touches. Our classes are meant to be a time for calm, creativity, and self-care, while doing something fun and taking a break from the daily grind. Our events are great stress relievers and allow individuals to refocus, rejuvenate, and have fun all while being creative. 

Why should I schedule a Creative Canvas Class?

Because they are awesome! Creative Canvas Classes make great gatherings for friends, groups, organizations, corporate events, private events, fundraisers, team building activities, de-stress fest events, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, bridal parties, girls’ night out, First Friday events, and more. We customize every event we do, and can work with you to come up with a memorable experience for any occasion.   

What do you provide for events? What do hosts need to provide?

We’ll bring canvas for painting, paint, brushes, easels, aprons, water cups, plates for paint pallets, paper towels, tablecloths, and paper to cover the tables. The host needs to provide a well lit venue with bright lights, hard floors, tables, chairs, and participants.   

How long is each event?

College events are typically 60-90 minutes, but the memories last forever. Depending on the group size and the difficulty of the painting, some events may be longer or shorter. By the end of the class, individuals will have their own canvas creation to take home and display. Smaller and simpler paintings may be able to be completed in an hour or less. You should encourage participants to arrive at least 15 - 20 minutes before painting will begin to find a seat, put on an apron, get settled and prepare to be creative.   

How do you decide on what we will be painting at my event?

We have a selection of paintings to choose from or you can send us some inspiration and ideas and we can customize some painting options just for your event. Students can choose from multiple options at the event and will still receive step-by-step instruction. We try to choose paintings that we think can be completed within an hour even if you've never painted before. Participants are welcome to make changes and make it their own. The purpose of the event is to get creative in a relaxing environment and take some time for yourself. 

Canvas Sizes may vary. The most common size for college campuses is 12" x 12" square stretched canvas, we also offer 16” x 20” stretched canvas, 8" x 8" flat canvas panels, 8" x 10" flat canvas panels, and may be available to do other sizes upon request. 

How many people can I have at my event?

The maximum number of participants that you can have at your event depends on the capacity of the venue and the number of supplies we have available on the date of your event. We have accommodated groups of up to 200 painters in a single session, and can accommodate larger groups with advanced notice. We have also done drop-in events for larger groups, and multi-session events. For larger groups, we may require you to provide a sound system so everyone can hear the painting instruction depending on the venue and the event.

How do you support individuals with disabilities?

We believe art should be inclusive for everyone. We will do everything within our power to help accommodate all individuals at our events. Please reach out to us directly, and also the host of the event to discuss your needs in advance. Our instructor is an award-winning educator with over 12 years experience educating individuals of all abilities and we want to make our events accessible to everyone.   

Are the paintings ready to take home after the class?

Yes, you can take your painting home with you, although your painting will still be wet and you should use caution in transporting your painting after the event. You should allow it plenty of time to dry on a flat surface before hanging. Event hosts may choose to provide hair dryers or fans to help speed up the drying process.   

Does the paint stain?

We typically use water-based acrylic paints that are non-toxic but they can stain clothing. Aprons are provided, but you should probably not wear your favorite outfit to a painting event. We suggest you dress to your comfort in clothes that won't be ruined by a rogue splatter of paint and leave any personal items, handbags, or valuables at home that can be damaged by paint. We are not responsible for damaged clothing or personal belongings.